Advanced Customization

From the Admin Bar at the top of your website, select System and then click Themes.

If the theme is listed in the Available Themes section then you will need to complete these steps:

  1. Select the theme (Willow for example)
  2. Click Preview & Customize
  3. Click on List from the Admin Bar at the top of your website to return to the list
  4. Select the theme listed in the Installed Themes section
  5. Click on the Advanced HTML Editor link under the Preview & Customize button

Advanced HTML Editor

Here you will see the sections with files that allow you to edit and add your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • theme.conf - this file contains basic information about the author, description of the theme, and updates to the theme modifier.
  • Partials - files in this section allow you to add customization to the theme.
  • Scripts - the JavaScript files are stored in this section.
  • Styles - Add or modify the CSS and global.less files stored in this section.
  • Templates - HTML, Twig, and Bootstrap are the languages used in the templates.