Using the Galleries Collection, located on the black Admin Menu on the left side of your web page, You can create and manage your image galleries.


Working with the Gallery Collection

Creating a Gallery

Start by going to the dark gray bar on the left side of your website and select the Gallery Collection icon. Once you are on the Gallery Collection page go to the top right corner and click on the blue Add Gallery Button. A popup will appear from the right side of the page. Give your Gallery a unique name you will recognize in the future and upload some images. You can either click on upload image and browse on your computer or you can drag and drop an image into the upload image area.

Managing your Gallery

Once you have created an image gallery you can change the order the images are in by dragging them, give them captions, and adjust the focal point for images that may be to large.

The focal point is where you want the center of the image to be.

Uploading images to your gallery

There are a few ways that you can upload an image on your site. 

  1. You can first drag and drop any local image files on your computer, such as .png, .jpg, .gif, and .svg.
  2. You can click on the upload image icon and from there navigate to a file that you want to upload on your own system.

Add gallery to page

To add a Gallery to your page click on the page where you want to add the Gallery. Then click and add a Gallery block. You can use a new or existing form. Pick one of the options. 

New Gallery: Look above to see how to upload an image/images to a gallery.

Existing: There are a few options that you will need to pick when you are putting a gallery on the page. 

  1. First of all you will need to pick one of your galleries from the dropdown menu.
  2. Pick a display type for you gallery.
    1. Slide Show - Will display the image on a page as a slide show.
    2. Mosaic - Will display the images as close together as possible. This is the most mobile friendly as it will move images to fit the screen that the gallery is being viewed on.
    3. Grid - Is a group of columns and rows of the images. This is the classic way that galleries were displayed.