Adding Blocks
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Block Menu


Add Block Icon

You can edit the content of your pages and add Blocks. Blocks add preformatted customizable content. - see image to the left.

Start by editing a page and clicking into the blue bordered editable area where you want to add in your Block. Then click on the black "Add Block" icon  to the left with the white "+" in it. Select the block you wish to add from the Block menu.

Blocks Available
Images add a single image to the page    Table add a table to your page
Gallery add a gallery of images onto the page   Lists add a pre-formatted list of content
Media add a Media Collection item or YouTube channel   Text Rule

add a horizontal line to your content

Form add a form into the page you are editing   Embed embed content from another website
Map insert a Google Map of any address   HTML add custom HTML code to the page
Quote add a formatted quote to your page   Social add a feed from Facebook or Twitter


divide the space into columns



add a podcast (created in Media) to the page